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Homopteran, (order Homoptera), any of more than 32,000 species of sucking insects, the members of which exhibit considerable diversity in body size. All of the Homoptera are plant feeders, with mouthparts adapted for sucking plant sap from a wide assortment of trees and wild and cultivated plants. Many homopterans cause injuries or destruction to plants, including fruit trees and grain crops, and can be vectors of plant diseases A possibly paraphyletic group of insects known as the Homoptera is sometimes included within the Hemiptera, even though they lack the toughened areas on the first pair of wings. Some entomologists group both Hemiptera and Homoptera within the group Heteroptera; others use the name Heteroptera for what we have called the Hemiptera and use Hemiptera for the Heteroptera Polokřídlí (Hemiptera) je skupina hmyzu vytvořená sloučením dříve samostatných řádů stejnokřídlí (Homoptera) a ploštice (Heteroptera). Společným znakem je bodavě-sací ústní ústrojí přizpůsobené k sání rostlinných a živočišných šťáv a tekutin. Velikost tohoto hmyzu se pohybuje od 1 do 15 mm. Druhy se velmi liší tvarem, barvou a životním stylem Stejnokřídlí (Homoptera) jsou bývalý řád hmyzu, který byl nově zařazen, spolu s plošticemi, do řádu polokřídlí (Hemiptera). Kdysi byl rozdělen na několik podřádů, ze čtyř podřádů byly učiněny nadčeledi a křísi zůstaly podřádem. Patří mezi ně: molice; mšice; mery; červci; křísi; pěnodějky; cikády; Charakteristika.

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homopteran: (hō-mŏp′tər-ən) n. Any of numerous plant-feeding insects belonging to the former order Homoptera, such as the cicadas, aphids, and scale insects, usually having membranous forewings and including all hemipterans not in the order Heteroptera. ho·mop′ter·an , ho·mop′ter·ous (-tə-rəs) adj Homoptera — Homoptera, Gruppe der Halbflügler, Zikaden Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon. Homoptera — Homoptĕra, s. Gleichflügler Kleines Konversations-Lexikon. Homoptera — Homoptera, griech., Gleichflügler, Abtheilung der Hemiptera (bei Insekten) Herders Conversations-Lexiko Aphids (Hemiptera/ Homoptera: Aphididae) can reach very high populations on sorghum by the time it flowers.The main species found on the crop is Melanaphis sacchari—a small (1.25-2 mm) and brownish-yellow insect that produces much honeydew. This species is most widespread on sorghum particularly in warmer areas where dry-land sorghum is grown or where the crop is planted late General Summary of Homoptera The Homoptera includes a large number of different forms ranging in size from the usually microscopic Coccidae to the large tropical lantern bugs (Fulgoridae) and the cicadas, which may attain 5 cm. In length and with a wing expanse of 10 cm. With the cicadas are the leafhoppers, treehoppers and froghoppers, all active insects

Homoptera! kingdom Animalia - animals » phylum Arthropoda - arthropods » class Insecta - insects » order Hemiptera - bugs Search Search images using Google | CalPhotos | Wikimedia Search on internet using Google Search using BHL | EOL | GBIF | ITIS | Wikipedia. Contributions to BioLib. Help us to expand this encyclopedia!. Stejnokřídlí - homoptera . Abecední seznam starých a nových jmen škůdců Podmínky dobrého zdravotního stavu ovocných stromů a keřů Různé chorobné zjevy tzv. fysiologického původu Chlorosa (blednička, žloutenka) Klejotoky Náhlé odumírání meruněk. Homoptera! říše Animalia - živočichové » kmen Arthropoda - členovci » třída Insecta - hmyz » řád Hemiptera - polokřídlí ID: 10068

Bližší informace o řádu stejnokřídlých (Homoptera) můžete najít zde. Opravdu ale nevím, proč se mění terminologie ve fauně. Většina knih uvádí tohoto pěkného tvora jako sítinovku, někteří (např. na Biolibu) jako kříska Homoptera is a suborder of order Hemiptera that is considered by some taxonomists to be paraphyletic, and therefore deprecated (obsolete). It was therefore split into the suborders Sternorrhyncha, Auchenorrhyncha, and Coleorrhyncha. The earlier work was based on nuclear DNA, but more recent phylogenetic analysis using mitochondrial DNA suggest that Homoptera may be a monophyletic group after. Homoptera refers to an order of insects that is characterized by its dual pair of wings and sucking mouthparts. They tend to have an extensive host list, with some insects such as the potato leafhopper boasting more than a hundred host plants. Homoptera insects can occasionally transmit pathogens and plant viruses

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Most people chose this as the best definition of homopteran: Any of numerous plant-fee... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples Homoptera, order of plant-feeding insects with membranous wings and piercing, sucking mouthparts. They are closely related to the true bugs. About 45,000 species are known. Among the most familiar are the aphids, cicadas, leafhoppers, and scale insects. The range of size and shape of homopterans is great. Most undergo incomplete metamorphosis COMMON NAMES - CICADAS, LEAFHOPPERS, TREEHOPPERS, SCALE INSECTS, APHIDS, SPITTLEBUGS, PLANTHOPPERS, AND MEALYBUGS. Members of the order Homoptera vary widely in appearance. They range from small to large and may or may not have wings. If wings are present, they are usually four in number and are held roof-like over the body General Summary of Homoptera The Homoptera includes a large number of different forms ranging in size from the usually microscopic Coccidae to the large tropical lantern bugs (Fulgoridae) and the cicadas, which may attain 5 cm. In length and with a wing expanse of 10 cm

Homoptera, known as Hoppers, is a very large and diverse order. They are found all over the world; there are few habitats without a Homopterans adapted to living there. There are 80,000 described species in 37 families. The order is divided into three suborders: Geocorizae (terrestrial bugs), Amphibicorizae (semiaquatic or shore-inhabiting bugs. Homoptera (subclass Pterygota, order Hemiptera) Suborder of bugs, in which the head capsule is not continuous ventrally behind the mouth-parts. All homopterans are plant feeders. In some the fore wings are tegmina. Source for information on Homoptera: A Dictionary of Zoology dictionary Find out information about Homoptera. An order of the class Insecta including a large number of sucking insects of diverse forms Explanation of Homoptera https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Homoptera the arthropods • insect morphology • the orders of insects • insects with simple metamorphosis • true bugs • cicadas, hoppers & aphids • dobsonflies, lacewings & antlions • beetles • butterflies & moths • flies • sawflies, wasps, bees & ants • about me • link The insect suborder Homoptera includes cicadas, hoppers, psyllids, whiteflies, aphids and scale insects. Here are a few facts about insects belonging to the suborder Homoptera: Several groups: Cicadas, Hoppers, Psyllids, Whiteflies, Aphids, Scale insects. Closely related to Heteroptera. (Heteroptera and Homoptera are suborders of order Hemiptera

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  1. HOMOPTERA: ISSIDAE (Issid Planthoppers) Aphelonema species. Bruchomorpha species. Fitchiella robertsoni. HOMOPTERA: ACANALONIIDAE (Acanaloniid Planthoppers) Acanolonia bivittata. HOMOPTERA: FLATIDAE (Flatid Planthoppers) Metcalfa pruinosa. HOMOPTERA: DERBIDAE (Derbid Planthoppers) Anotia species. Apache degeerii. Cedusa species. Otiocerus species. Patara vaduzee
  2. Homoptera ( obsolete ) A taxonomic suborder within the order Hemiptera - a paraphyletic grouping of aphids , scale insects , cicadas , and leafhoppers . Hypernyms [ edit
  3. Klíčový rozdíl - Homoptera vs. Hemiptera Homoptera a Hemiptera jsou dvě skupiny hmyzu. The klíčový rozdíl mezi Homoptera a Hemiptera je to Homoptera je krmítko rostlin, které používá své antény k sání rostlinné šťávy, aby splnil svůj požadavek na výživu, zatímco Hemiptera je krmítko rostlin i krve.. Hmyz je různorodá skupina organismů, které jsou většinou.
  4. Synonyms for Homoptera in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Homoptera. 1 synonym for Homoptera: suborder Homoptera. What are synonyms for Homoptera
  5. Homoptera Stamp: The Faroe Islands are a group of self-governing Danish islands located in the North Atlantic between Great Britain and Iceland. This stamp depicts a leafhopper, Macrosteles alpinus (family Cicindellidae). It is one of four leafhopper stamps issued by the Faroe Islands in 1995

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The term 'Homoptera' is now only used as a popular term for plant-feeding Hemiptera (for example: aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies etc.) and should not be used to refer to a suborder. Obtaining true bugs. The Hemiptera can be easily captured using beating trays, sweep nets and detailed examination of vegetation. Water bugs can also be caught in. Ho·mop·tera hō mäp tə rə n pl a large suborder of Hemiptera or sometimes a separate order of insects comprising the cicadas, lantern flies, leafhoppers, spittlebugs, treehoppers, aphids, psyllas, whiteflies, and scale insects which have a smal Homoptera : Geographic Information Geographic Division: Jurisdiction/Origin: Comments Comment: McGavin (1993) indicates that the former Homoptera is equivalent to the currently recognized suborders Auchenorrhyncha + Sternorrhyncha Subordinate Taxa Rank Verified Standards Met. Find the perfect Homoptera stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Homoptera of the highest quality Hemiptera: bugs, aphids and cicadas. Characteristics The insects in this order are extremely diverse in their size, shape and colour

Homoptera Yhtäläissiipiset Kaskaat, Kirvat, Kempit, Jauhiaiset. This content is mostly based on the following source: Larry Huldén & Osmo Heikinheimo. Checklist of Finnish insects Hemipteroidea. Notulae Entomologica 64(3): 97-124, 1984. and in addition, a few Finnish common names given in , are included Abstract. The grape mealybug, Pseudococcus maritimus (Ehrhorn), is an occasional serious pest of pears in north-central Washington state (NCW). A tree-banding study indicates the occurrence of a single generation of P. maritimus on pear in NCW. An encyrtid parasite, Acerophagus notativentris (Girault), is common in infested orchards and completes two to three generations per year

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Homoptera is a deprecated suborder of order Hemiptera; [1] recent morphological studies and DNA analysis strongly suggests that the order is paraphyletic. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] It was therefore split into the suborders Sternorrhyncha , Auchenorrhyncha , and Coleorrhyncha Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha Makedonije = Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha from Macedonia / Ljubodrag Jankovič. -- Skopje : Prirodonaučen muzej, 1971. -- Strana 42-59 : ilustrace ; 24 cm. -- (Acta Musei Macedonici Scientiarum Naturalium, 0583-4988 ; tom XII, no 3 (104)

'This is common in many insect groups, most notably the Hemiptera / Homoptera (waterstriders, planthoppers and aphids), Coleoptera and, Orthoptera (crickets and grasshoppers).' 'This has since been found to be a Wolbachia-induced trait in a wide diversity of arthropod orders, including Acarina, Coleoptera, Homoptera, Hymenoptera, Isoptera. Hemiptera definition, the order comprising the true bugs. See more

Latinské slovo - homoptera Překlad latinského slova homoptera do českého jazyka, naleznete níže. Přesná shoda homoptera - stejnokřídlí Rozšířená shoda homoptera - stejnokřídlí Latinský slovník on-lin Stejnokřídlí (Homoptera) Řád stejnokřídlých (Homoptera) osidluje prakticky celou zeměkouli, v naší republice žije kolem 2500 druhů (po prozkoumání zjistíme, že je jich mnohem víc). Měří od 1 mm a méně až po 30 mm, velikost tohoto řádu je velmi variabilní ho·mop·ter·an (hō-mŏp′tər-ən) n. Any of numerous plant-feeding insects belonging to the former order Homoptera, such as the cicadas, aphids, and scale insects, usually having membranous forewings and including all hemipterans not in the order Heteroptera. [From New Latin Homoptera, order name : Greek homo-, homo- + Greek pteron, wing; see -pter. Alemannisch: Schnabelchärfler беларуская: Клапы বাংলা: হেমিপটেরা čeština: polokřídlí Deutsch: Schnabelkerfe English: True Bugs suomi: Nivelkärsäiset Nordfriisk: Hualewjügeten français: Hémiptères 日本語: カメムシ目 (半翅目) 한국어: 노린재목 (반시목) polski: pluskwiaki. Homopteran definition, homopterous. See more. Any of various insects belonging to the group Homoptera. Homopterans suck sap from plants and can be very destructive

Kompletní specifikace produktu Tli (Homoptera, Aphidoidea) gor Kazakhstana, porovnání cen, hodnocení a recenze Tli (Homoptera, Aphidoidea) gor Kazakhstan Meaning Homoptera is known as the order of insects characterized by the dual pair of wings and the sucking mouthparts. This also has an extensive list of the host, while some insects like the potato leafhopper boast a hundred of host plants. This also occasionally transmits plant viruses and pathogens. Among the examples of the Read more Homoptera Before that, Homoptera even held the status of order, separate from the order Hemiptera, of which these suborders are now a part. Today, however, most authorities have divided the suborder Homoptera into at least three separate suborders — Auchenorrhyncha, Sternorrhyncha and Coleorrhyncha — and discarded the name Homoptera altogether Google Arts & Culture features content from over 2000 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world's treasures online

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Homoptera. a suborder of Hemiptera, in which both pairs of wings are similar in texture, and do not overlap when folded, as in the cicada. See Hemiptera. Etymology: [NL., fr. Gr. the same, like + wing. Translation for 'Homoptera' in the free German-English dictionary and many other English translations Homoptera and Hemiptera · See more » Heteroptera. The Heteroptera are a group of about 40,000 species of insects in the order Hemiptera. New!!: Homoptera and Heteroptera · See more » Leafhopper. A leafhopper is the common name for any species from the family Cicadellidae. New!!: Homoptera and Leafhopper · See more » Long branch attractio Search from Homoptera stock photos, pictures and royalty-free images from iStock. Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else

Key Difference - Homoptera vs Hemiptera. Homoptera and Hemiptera are two insect groups. The key difference between Homoptera and Hemiptera is that the Homoptera is a plant feeder that uses its antennae to suck the plant juice to fulfill its nutrition requirement while Hemiptera is both a plant and a blood feeder.. Insects are a diverse group of organisms that are mostly considered as pests. HOMOPTERA Los homópteros (Homoptera, gr. alas uniformes) son un antiguo orden (o suborden, según la clasificación) de insectos que incluyen todos los hemíp.. Find the perfect Homoptera stock illustrations from Getty Images. Select from premium Homoptera images of the highest quality Homoptera are also major pests of cereals in Europe and North America (165), beans in Latin America (222), and a wide range of tropical and temperate crops and timbers (76, 138, 139, 227)

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  1. Also Homoptera of older literature is broken into three groups called Sternorrhyncha (stern-o-RHIN-ka) (aphids, whiteflies, scales), Auchenorrhyncha (awe-ken-o-RHIN-ka) (cicadas, hoppers) and Coleorrhyncha (only known from the southern hemisphere). The name Homoptera is no longer used in technical literature
  2. Homoptera are distributed throughout the entire globe, but the relative numbers of individual species vary in a given locale. The abundance of any species depends upon many things, but most importantly the availability of food plants. Mainly, those species that are commonly considered pests (such as greenbugs and potato leafhoppers) develop.
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  4. Homoptera translation in English-German dictionary. en The present study aimed to investigate the occurrence of microsporidia, endosymbionts and viruses in the Horse Chestnut Scale Pulvinaria regalis Canard (Homoptera: Coccidae), an introduced pest insect of more than 65 different plant species

Extrafloral nectaries can be favored even in the absence of ant defensive behavior. Many studies have shown no net, defensive benefit to plants of nectar feeding ants. Many nectar-feeding ants tend Homoptera which are major plant disease agents and which may profoundly alter plant architecture and physiology. Ants can be distracted from tending. Systematics of the Tribe Plectoderini in America North of Mexico : (Homoptera: Fulgoroides, Achilidae) by O'Brien, Lois Breimeier and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com Homoptera: an ordinal term applied to those Hemiptera in which the primaries are of the same consistence throughout. Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology Plates: in Coccidae, the squames; q.v.: in male Homoptera , a pair of pieces following the last full ventral segment; usually preceded by a short piece, - the valve Homoptera, Diptera, and Hymenoptera were dominant in number of families and (or) number of individuals. Ce sont les homoptères , les diptères et les hyménoptères qui dominent en nombre de familles ou d'individus Characteristics of order Hemiptera. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads

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Asymmetrasca decedens (Homoptera: Cicadellidae), a new pest of almond trees in Spai APHOTOFAUNA - Photographic Stock Image Library Image Index Page for Bugs (Homoptera Images). A-P-H-O-T-O - Furthering environmental awareness and education through the medium of photography Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data

Homoptera — Ho*mop te*ra, n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. ? the same, like + ? wing.] (Zo[ o]l.) A suborder of Hemiptera, in which both pairs of wings are similar in texture, and do not overlap when folded, as in the cicada. See {Hemiptera}. [1913 Webster] Homoptera Scientific lot no. 1 (23 pcs) NE Laos. $ 35.0

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  1. Homoptera (Erebinae) From Wikispecies. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Homoptera (Erebinae) Taxonavigation . Taxonavigation: Noctuoidea.
  2. Scientific lot no. 10A Homoptera (4 pcs - 1pc A2) NWW Myanmar. $ 20.0
  3. The order Homoptera, which includes cicadas, planthoppers, aphids, scale insects, psyllids, and other insects, is a group whose members have highly developed endosymbiotic systems . Because homopterans live on a nutritionally unbalanced diet consisting of plant sap throughout their lives, it is believed that they need the help of endosymbiotic.
  4. Order: Homoptera Homoptera Information Homoptera is frequently listed as a suborder of the Hemiptera. Detailed information regarding the classification of Homoptera can be found in an online abstract from the following publication: von Dohlen, C.D. and N.A. Moran. 1995. Molecular phylogeny of the Homoptera: a paraphyletic taxon
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  6. The mealybugs (Homoptera, Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae) of sugar-cane, rice and sorghum - Volume 60 Issue 1 - D. J. William

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  1. Non-monophyly of Auchenorrhyncha (Homoptera), based upon 18S rDNA phylogeny: eco-evolutionary and cladistic implications with pre-Heteropteroidea Hemiptera (s.l.) and a proposal for new monophyletic suborders. Pan-Pacific Entomologist, 71(1): 31-6
  2. Chorologische Ergänzungen zur Zikadenfauna des Mittelmeergabietes (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha). Jiří Dlabola 1977 | ročník 33 | číslo 1-2 | stránky 21-4
  3. Homoptera - Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedia
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